Have Your Say On Assisted Suicide

The legalisation of euthanasia in the Netherlands began with a decision not to prosecute certain kinds of cases. There is a real danger that a similar thing might now happen in the United Kingdom.
The Director of Public Prosecutions has recently issued guidance about  when he will prosecute cases of “assisting” suicide. These currently include explicit reference to disability and to terminal or degenerative health conditions as reasons not to prosecute. People with disability
are thus categorised as less worthy of protection. Happily the guidance is only provisional and he is currently consulting to see what people think. 

Please act now by expressing your opposition to the principle of guidelines on assisted suicide and send it in and then send this message to others who might do the same. The average government consultation gets only around 500 submissions so every individual submission counts (even if you have also been involved in an organisation’s submission).

You can send a letter or e-mail to the Assisted Suicide Policy Team, expressing your concern and opposition to these guidelines. Write to:

The Assisted Suicide Policy Team

Crown Prosecution Service Headquarters 

50 Ludgate Hill




Or E-mail:


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    Linda Hodder Says:

    I am so worried by the recent developments on this issue. Why are these people so adamant that the only way forward is to ask someone to kill you, be that a doctor(really terrifying) or a relative (totally selfish). There are drugs and systems for delivering drugs that can be used in a palliative manner so that no-one need suffer unbearable pain. If control of pain leads to death, so be it. This is a long way from deliberately administering a substance with the direct intention of causing death. How can anyone “build in safeguards” to a system that allows doctors and relatives to do that. This is just plain wrong.