Prolife votes can make a major difference to the election result

All prolife supporters will be heartened by the election result at Oxford and Abingdon, where Evan Harris MP, a determined advocate of abortion, euthanasia and embryo research, lost his seat. Prolifers have long regarded Evan Harris as one of their main opponents in Parliament and also in the medical profession.

There is reason to think that his attitude on these issues was decisive in bringing him down. His previous majority had looked very solid,even allowing for boundary changes, he had the advantage of the wave of support for Clegg, his record on MPs’ expenses was clean, so the result must surely be a commentary on his ‘anti-life’ views – since these views had become a major local issue.

Local prolifers publicised Harris’s voting record on ‘assisted suicide’, abortion, etc., through a leaflet which was very widely distributed throughout the constituency, by volunteer groups who had been unaware of each other before the campaign. As a result, Liberal Democrats who had not known of Harris’s views would seem to have withheld their votes. This was a grassroots effort which should serve as a model for other constituencies.

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    I was one of the volunteers who turned out to deliver leaflets about Evan Harris’s appalling voting record in parliament on human life issues. When I heard he had failed to keep his parliamentary seat I got a heady feeling of -YESSSSSSSSSS, I really can make a difference!