Scandal 80 IVF babies aborted per year – parliamentary inquiry urgently needed

The horrifying report in today’s Sunday Times that some 80 IVF pregnancies a year are terminated, is particularly shocking given the accepted presumption that an IVF pregnancy is a wanted one. 

There is no indication of what formal reasons were given for the abortions in question, but the report suggests that splitting with a partner and pressure to start a family were among some of the justifications put forward.

‘The ProLife Alliance is opposed to all abortions, as every human life is of equal value,’ said a spokesperson for the group. ‘But we, like many others, find something especially distressing in this latest revelation, as the child was originally desired, then rejected.

Apart from all other considerations, it is extremely difficult to understand how such reasons for terminating a pregnancy can in any way fulfill the requirements of the Abortion Act.  Is this further confirmation that abortion is now virtually on demand in the United Kingdom?

‘It is now more than 5 years since the ProLife Alliance requested from the Department of Health more detailed information about abortion statistics under Ground E (health of baby), a request which eventually reached the Information Tribunal last year.   We are still waiting the outcome as this endless legal battle continues between the Information Commissioner and the DoH, the latter determined not to reveal the full reality of why these particular abortions are being performed.

‘Yet again we claim that it is time for an exhaustive Parliamentary inquiry into abortion practice in this country.   The public has a right to know the full truth, including why these unfortunate IVF babies were aborted.’

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  1. avatar nav-left

    This is REALLY shocking..

    It surely is high time that people should,whilst it remains legal, have to pay the FULL COST of their own abortions and if they have had IVF on the NHS before deciding to abort they should be forced to pay the cost of that back too..
    In all seriousness the government is currently,according to today’s lunchtime BBC News, looking to the public to suggest ways to cut spending…
    Now in case anyone doesn’t I have available David Cameron’s email address .. Will you join me in writing asap to propose that the TOTAL cost of abortions in the UK are met by the recipients?
    I’m sure that it would encourage greater responsibility in behaviour and therefore less unplanned pregnancies at risk of abortion if it is known that people will be expected to payin full for their irresponsibility..
    Does everyone know too that Marie Stopes has full charitable status yet they make VAST profits from the many millions of tax payers money that is diverted from the NHS to fund abortions in the UK..AND from these millions they had enough surplus in 2009 to help enable them to perform over 900,000 abortion in OTHER countries!
    So if you do write to Cameron or anyone else in Government please try to include a further proposal that tax payers money currently paid paid over to charities for specific “services” such as abortion should only ever meet the ACTUAL COST of that “service” NOT the (in the instance of Marie Stopes at least) purposely inflated CHARGE!