Poland’s brave stand against foreign anti-life campaigners

The European Union has a record of trying to force EU countries such as Ireland, Poland and Malta to accept abortion. In line with this general policy, they have campaigned for years to force Poland to liberalise its already strict abortion laws, even through the European Court of Human Rights.

The majority of Poles are pro-life. In addition to the fact that most Poles are Catholic, abortion is associated with their communist past and is unpopular with the majority of people.

Yet last week, on the heels of a 600,000 signature petition including obstetricians, gynaecologists, lawyers and journalists among its signatories, Poland’s government voted to tighten their abortion laws further by an overwhelming vote of 254 – 151 with 11 abstentions. Those organisations who have made this possible freely admit that to do so, they had acted very quietly in order to bypass the Western media and English language press and avoid foreign powers pouring money into the country to oppose their popular efforts.

The battle is not finished however, as the abortion ban must be approved by the Polish Senate and President Bronisław Komorowsk (who has expressed his reluctance to sign). The next stage is due in early September. Polish pro-life campaigners have stated that they will ensure that abortion is a major election issue in the autumn elections.

The ProLife Alliance congratulates the people and government of Poland for their brave stance in the face of EU strong arm tactics. Poles have a right to feel very proud of their strong advocacy for both women and their unborn children.