Washington’s March for Life amidst pro-life victory

The ProLife Alliance would like to congratulate the American pro-life movement as they get ready for today’s March for Life in Washington, DC, which will draw hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers together.

Although many recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade as being an achievement for abortion rights, this is actually a time of celebration for the pro-life movement.  Norma McCorvery, the woman behind Roe v Wade, is now strongly opposed to abortion, as are so many others who want genuine, life-affirming support for pregnant women and their babies.
Results recently published by the
Guttmacher Instititute indicate that an increasing number of states are hostile to abortion.  Consequently the number of women of reproductive age living in pro-life states has risen dramatically from 31% in 2000, to 55% in 2011.  As the Guardian noted in an article on 24 January, there are now 135 laws restricting abortion access in American States (for more information see the following link