Assisted suicide in Germany

On Friday November 6, 2015  Germany passed a law  allowing  assisted suicide on an individual basis for altruistic motives. For "business" motives it now carries a penalty of up to three years in prison. At least one large-scale suicide group said it will  cease trading but will appeal.

Three other options, two allowing complete legalisation of assisted suicide and one forbidding it entirely, were considered. The vote was  360-233 for the bill.

Until now there had been no German legislation on assisting suicide, though it is a sensitive issue because of the Nazi T4 euthanasia programme, under which about 200,000 of the physically or mentally disabled were murdered .

A recent French film, Amour, was almost a re-make of the infamous Nazi pro-euthanasia Ich Klage An.

It seems a dangerous law:  it remains to be seen how it will work out in practice.