A Click for Karen -This is a simple request you simply can’t turn down… 

Karen Gaffney is asking for your help in the run-up to World Down Syndrome Day, 21 March, 2016.


You can find masses of information on the World Down Syndrome website  (WDSD website) about this important date, but we have been in touch with Karen personally and she has asked us to help her to do something extra which is very specific and special.


  1. First go to Karen’s TED Talk link at and listen to her short but powerful message against abortion for disability,  and her eloquent testimony as to why ‘All Lives Matter’.
  2.   But don’t just listen to it.  Next step.  Please pass the link on to as many friends and groups as possible.  Make it move.
  3. Karen has had 30,530 hits with her TED Talk so far but has asked if we can help that number reach 50,000 and beyond by March 21st!!!!


Please watch this inspiring talk and quickly share it with as many friends as possible.