Me Before You: Spoiler alert

The film “Me Before You” from the book by Jojo Moyes’, a sob story about a man living with quadriplegia who commits suicide, has been criticised by disabled people as inaccurate and offensive. See for some of their very strong reactions.
A few years ago the French film “Amour” was virtually a re-make of the notorious Nazi pro-euthanasia film “Ich Klage An”.
A recent suicide on Eastenders comes after at least six other recent TV programmes advertising such deaths. Again, for details see
The steady drip of sentimental inaccurate pro-death TV and films is as dangerous as it is unpleasant. Talk of a “slippery slope” is out of date. There is a deliberate agenda of death, whose results can be seen only too clearly in the Netherlands, Belgium, parts of the USA, and now Canada.
They are virtually hate crimes against the disabled.