Abortion Articles Abortion ArticlesAbortion was legalised in the UK in with the passing of The Abortion Act in 1967. Since then there have been varying degrees of scrutiny of the legislation by our society. This section looks at a variety of the issues highlighted in the press and in the media generally.
Abortion for Disability Abortion for DisabilityUnborn children diagnosed with serious abnormalities can be aborted up to the moment of birth (under ground E of the Abortion Act 1967). In healthy children abortion is only permitted up to 24 weeks. This section examines this disturbing law in more depth.
Abortion Law Abortion LawFocuses on the law and how it relates to abortion. How does the Abortion Act 1967 relate to European human rights legislation? "Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law" states Article 2 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. Can this really be consistent with current abortion legislation that allows a healthy child's life to be ended simply because of a genetic abnormality - right up until the moment before the child is born?
Facts and Stats - Abortion Facts and Stats - AbortionAt ProLife we believe that a society which has legalised a procedure as inhumane as abortion should at least be honest about the facts. A brief read of any pro-abortion literature will quickly show how the facts about abortion must be severely edited in order to our allow society to accept it. This section takes an honest look at the facts.
Pictures and Videos Pictures and VideosPictures and videos: - healthy unborn babies - surgical instruments used in the abortion procedure - aborted babies (NB: You will receive a further warning before any images are displayed) We don't want to shock or offend anyone with these images. We simply believe that once a person has seen an aborted baby, arguments about viability, etc, become irrelevant
Real Lives - Abortion Real Lives - AbortionIt's easy to get caught up in seemingly abstract debates about subjects like abortion. In this section we see how abortion affects real people's lives.