Petition: Reject abortion adverts on TV and radio

The Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice public consultation are considering proposals to allow abortion organisations to advertise on TV and radio.

We ask you to oppose the proposals to allow pro-abortion advertising by signing our online petition (see form below). Alternatively you can download and print the petition here, to collect the signatures of your friends. 

Please only sign the petition if you are a UK resident and if you haven’t already signed this petition.

Please send completed signature pages to:

ProLife Alliance
PO Box 13395
London SW3 6XE

The ProLife Alliance will ensure that all online and paper signatures are delivered to Downing Street to coincide with the end of the consultation by the Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice public consultation on the 19th June.

You can also oppose pro-abortion ads on TV and radio, by writing to the British Committee of Advertising Practice to voice your opposition, for more information see or by signing the petition on the Downing Street website available here


Online Petition against pro-abortion advertising on TV or radio

We, the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to reject any attempt to allow abortion services (including the morning after pill) to advertise on television or radio as recommended in the current Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice public consultation and we urge all concerned citizens to sign the petition below and submit their opposition to the consultation which closes at 5pm on the 19 June 2009. For more information see

Abortion, which takes the life of an unborn child, is not a consumer product, and remains, subject to specific exemptions, illegal under the terms of the Abortion Act. Abortion is not a legitimate subject for a TV or radio advertisement. In addition, abortion has serious implications for women’s health and the psychological and physical impact of abortion should not be trivialised by advertisements. Given the widespread opposition to abortion, and the fact that pro-abortion organisations do not offer positive support to help women continue with their pregnancies, they should not be able to advertise on either radio or TV. It is of particular concern that young children, below the age of consent, would be exposed to advertisements of this nature.