Assisted Suicide Prosecution guidelines: a first impression

The ProLife Alliance is strongly opposed to the publication of interim guidelines by Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer on 23rd September 2009, regarding the prosecution of assisted suicide in England and Wales.

Chairman of the ProLife Alliance Dominica Roberts issues the following statement:

“Although the DPP states that assisted suicide remains illegal, his policy statement indicates a list of boxes to tick if people wish to commit the crime without being prosecuted. This amounts to a change in the effect of the law, by back-door methods, in spite of the recent decision after long and earnest debate in the House of Lords that this would endanger vulnerable people, and the declared opposition to it by the leaders of the two main parties. It is particularly worrying that the guidelines treat the killing of those with a disability or incurable condition as less blameworthy.”

This is an interim report, open for public consultation by groups and individuals, before December 16th. The document is not very long, and can be found at