Life sentence for mother who killed son with heroin

The ProLife Alliance is in agreement with the verdict in the case of Frances Inglis, yesterday found guilty of the murder and attempted murder of her son, Thomas Inglis. During the trial, Frances Inglis admitted to fatally injecting her son with heroin in November 2008, as she believed that injuries he sustained in an accident left him with a reduced quality of life.

Camilla Bertenshaw of the ProLife Alliance said We are very concerned that the justification of a ‘mercy killing’ is increasingly being used in similar cases to defend the killing of one human by another. We fight for the right to life of all human beings, and just as Judge Brian Barker told the jury that “there is no concept in law of mercy killing”, similarly we strongly believe there is no moral justification for it either.

“The law must continue to prosecute those who use the excuse of the victim’s perceived poor quality of life as an excuse for killing.

“Worryingly, new interim guidelines on assisted suicide imply that patients suffering from fatal or debilitating conditions have less of a right to life and that in these situations, prosecutions of those assisting suicide would be less likely.

“The ProLife Alliance strongly believes that Thomas Inglis’ fundamental right to life was infringed by the actions of his mother. She took this action in defiance of the opinions of his medical staff, unlawfully and without any indication that it is what her son would have wanted. The law is in place to protect the weak and vulnerable, and we hope this verdict will continue to protect the right to life of the severely disabled.”

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