Evan Harris fails to retain his seat

The unexpected failure of the Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, to retain his seat in the General Election has been greeted with much enthusiasm by pro-life voters. 

Dr Harris was undoubtedly a major force in Parliament, an outspoken supporter of abortion rights, and an energetic proponent of utilitarian scientific novelties.

During the long run-up to the passage of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act 2008, he was an omnipresent member of the Science & Technology Committee.  He can, in fact, share considerable blame in the promotion of one of the most contentious aspects of this Act, the creation of hybrid embryos, whereby animal eggs are combined with human tissue.

In an interview after his loss, even Dr Harris has reportedly acknowledged that the unpopularity of some of his views led to his downfall.  Many people campaigned against Dr Harris’ extremist views in Oxford West & Abingdon, and his defeat shows that politicians who continue to support abortion are not supported by the majority of the electorate. We hope the Liberal Democrat leadership will take note.