Majority of abortions in America unwanted or coerced study shows

The Illinois-based Elliot Institute has produced an updated study on forced abortion in America which concludes that the majority of abortions carried out there are unwanted or coerced.

Statistics from the report show that 64% of women reported feeling pressured to abort; 79% weren’t told of available resources; 84% weren’t sufficiently informed before abortion; and while most felt rushed or uncertain, 67% weren’t counselled. The report also highlighted that clinics routinely fail to screen for coercion, that homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women, and that suicide rates are 6 times higher if women abort rather than give birth.

Amy Sobie of the Elliot Institute said:

“We believe from the research and from anecdotal evidence that a lot of abortions, probably the majority of abortions in the United States, are unwanted or coerced in one way or another. That could be from pregnancy discrimination or that could be from pressure. One study shows that 64 percent of women having abortions in the US reported feeling pressured by others.”

Pregnancy discrimination involves employers who put pressure on employees to have an abortion.

A spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance said:

 “It is shocking to hear that well over half of American women who have an abortion report feeling pressured to do so. To help counter this, the state of Nebraska has recently passed a law which allows for lawsuits when clinics fail to screen women for coercion or force. It is time coercion was taken more seriously here in the UK too. With the abortion industry now openly advertising on television, the issue of misinformation which is linked to coercion is bigger than ever before.”

The report can be read here. A summary can be read here.