Please sign the Resistance Campaign Petition on behalf of terminally ill and disabled people

A message from Peter Saunders, Campaign Director of the Care Not Killing Alliance of which the ProLife Alliance is a member:

Dear all,

Would you give a few minutes of your time to help boost an important initiative on behalf of terminally ill and disabled people?

Leading Disability Rights Group Not Dead Yet UK, yesterday launched ‘the Resistance Campaign’, calling on all MPs to sign a charter pledging their support for:

1. Providing good services for disabled and terminally ill people

2. Opposing any change in the law to allow assisted suicide or euthanasia.

The campaign is backed by Care Not Killing and supported by leading disability rights groups including RADAR and UKDPC. It is a response to continued efforts by the pro-euthanasia lobby to change the law at a time when many people in vulnerable situations are already struggling to make ends meet and are fearing the consequence of further health and benefit cuts.

Would you take a few minutes to:

1. Sign the petition calling on MPs to act

2. Email your own MP via the website link above

3. Make the campaign known to others

Thanks so much for your support

Peter Saunders

Care Not Killing Alliance