Anger as Marie Stopes offers free abortions as benefits to employees

Marie Stopes International has once again hit controversy in the national news. According to the Mail on Sunday (8 August 2010), the pro-abortion organisation is offering free abortions to staff as part of its ‘benefits package’ to employees. The newspaper states that the service also applies to family members of the employee, including teenage daughters.
Responding to the news, a spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance said:
‘Never famous for its sensitivity, Marie Stopes recently shared controversial TV advertising time with a selection of beer brands, rival supermarkets, hair products and well-known confectionary bars.
‘So it is not surprising this crass organisation equates free abortions with gym membership as appropriate consumer perks for employees and their families. This “benefit” is yet another means of encouraging abortions and we are extremely concerned that Marie Stopes is unable to identify how many abortions it has carried out on staff, even though they are required by law to register any abortion that has taken place. We will be seeking clarification on this point.
‘We have every right to be outraged and it is time for a proper public inquiry into the practice and marketing of abortion in the UK’.

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