Encouraging new survey on informed consent

A telephone survey conducted by ComRes on behalf of Christian Concern of 1001 UK adults has found great support for better information on abortion. The survey was timed to coincide with the 43rd anniversary of the Abortion Act.

• 89% of those polled support a woman’s right to know the physical, psychological and emotional risks associated with abortion.

• 82% support a legal duty on doctors to provide access to advice and information about alternatives to abortion, such as adoption.

• 78% support a compulsory cooling off period between diagnosis of pregnancy and an abortion to ensure that a mother is sure of her decision.

The survey also demonstrates the huge ignorance of the British. Only 3% got anywhere near the actual numbers of approximately 200,000.

Full details of the survey can be found on the following link.

A spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance says, the pro-abortion lobby likes to consider themselves ‘pro-choice’. We ask how can an informed choice be made without consideration of the true facts of abortion? The final question (should the abortion limit be reduced) drew 61% support. This shows that the British public instinctively know that abortion is not a good decision.