Open letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

We understand that you will be visiting China in November. Before you go, the ProLife Alliance would like to alert you to the terrible situation regarding forced abortion in China and the involvement of the UK government.

We urge you in particular to withdraw any overseas funding for Marie Stopes International’s programmes which involve abortion provision. The following link implicates MSI in human rights abuses in Tibet and reveals their close links to the Chinese Government family planning officials.

The horrifying reality of forced abortions in China was shown recently on
Al Jazeera in a video which recounts the terrible impact on an individual family and an abortion at 8 months gestation.

The ProLife Alliance notes that an amendment to the European Commission’s annual budget to prevent funding of coercive family planning programmes was voted in this week by a healthy majority of 372 to 279, with 21 abstentions. In addition, amendments to the 2011 budget were passed in order to make funds available for combating forced abortion, sterilisation and even infanticide. We are delighted that 24 UK MEPs voted in favour of the amendment the majority of whom (22) were Tories.

We urge the UK Government to follow the European Commission’s lead and make similar changes to overseas funding policy. It is indefensible to provide funding for such brutal purposes.

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Ng

Secretary, ProLife Alliance