“Scottish Commission points out flaws in bill

The ProLife Alliance welcomes the rejection, by the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill Committee, of Margo MacDonald MSP’s arguments for legalising assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. The Committee’s Stage 1 report published today, 18 November 2010, does not therefore recommend the general principles of the Bill to the Scottish Parliament, which will debate and vote on it on 25 November.

It has happened again and again, in legislatures in the UK and worldwide, that the pro-euthanasia lobby have claimed support for their position on the basis of slanted polls and superficial emotion, but when a clearer look is taken, the dangers of changing the law which at present protects the disabled, chronically ill and vulnerable elderly become clear.

The Scottish committee discussed and rejected many of the usual arguments. They found that the law is not in need of clarification, that not prosecuting every single case did not mean condoning an illegal act, that individual autonomy must be tempered by the effect on society, that it was impossible to reconcile opposing definitions of “dignity” or to produce objective meanings for “intolerable” suffering or “terminal illness”.

A Jewish spokeswoman giving evidence had called for “good English words” such as “killing” and “murder” rather than euphemisms such as “end of life assistance”.

The full text of the report can be seen on this link.