BPAS attempts to weaken Abortion Act further

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which is a major abortion provider, is launching a court challenge on 28th January 2011 so that rather than taking both abortion tablets in their clinics, BPAS will issue the second pill (Misoprostol) for women to take at home. Their challenge will be contested by the Department of Health.

The challenge is an attempt to move the country towards do-it-yourself abortion, and must be rigorously opposed. With their proposed change the mother would in effect be taking over a significant part of the current role of the abortion provider.

The acknowledged shortage of doctors prepared to perform surgical abortions is one of the reasons why abortion providers are hyping up the medical alternatives, but more significantly this present initiative is an attempt to chip away at the Abortion Act and trivialise the dramatic reality of abortion.

It is well known that the pro-abortion lobby in the UK wants to see abortion on demand in the first trimester of pregnancy and this attempt to entrust the second stage of medical abortion to the patient, would move that agenda forward dramatically.

The ProLife Alliance opposes abortion because it ends the life of the developing child, but we also have huge concern for the physical and psychological welfare of women and the trauma they may suffer after abortion. To be possibly on your own, taking medicine to end the life of a developing child, is a harrowing experience that can understandably cause huge distress to the mother. There is ample evidence already reflecting the anguish for the women involved in home abortions, particularly when they actually see their tiny unborn child flushed away in the toilet.

There are also serious side-effects to be considered including haemorrhaging, pelvic inflammatory disease, toxic shock syndrome, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. Many patients suffer pain or abdominal cramps, which can last for several hours. There have been two deaths in Britain caused by early medical abortion since 1991 when medical abortion was introduced.

How can the BPAS possibly portray itself as pro-woman, when it is prepared to expose women to such risks? Pro-abortion is certainly not pro-woman.