Why the fuss about Dr Kermit Gosnell? Abortion is a human right, isn’t it?

In the past few days the worldwide media has reacted with shock regarding the ‘baby killer’ doctor Dr Kermit Gosnell. Dr Gosnell is a late term abortionist in the US whose clinic has been slammed for carrying out illegal late term abortions and putting women’s health at risk. He is accused of forcibly delivering and executing babies with scissors. This story has been covered globally, but details can be found on the BBC at the following link.

Abortion is carried out legally and routinely in many countries around the world. It always involves the death of the unborn child. Late abortions sometimes involve ‘forcibly delivering’ the baby although usually the baby is given a fatal injection beforehand to avoid a live birth. That is the only difference between Dr Gosnell’s practice and standard procedure.

Whether legal or illegal, many women suffer mental and physical risks as a result of the abortion process, occasionally including maternal death. They are not informed of the true facts about abortion, so that they often make the decision without knowing the enormity of what will happen to their babies.

The outrage felt by the media at the terrible scenes at Dr Gosnell’s clinic is fully justified. However why is the media not equally forthright when abortions are carried out as a standard procedure, using tax-payers’ money? Babies are still torn limb from limb, occasionally born alive and left to die, their organs used as ingredients in vaccines or for medical research.

Abortion is legal in the UK up to birth in cases of disability, which is a severe breach of human rights for the disabled. 200,000 abortions are carried out in the UK annually. The ProLife Alliance asks why is there no outcry? Why is this legal?

The only conclusion can be that the world prefers not to know what happens behind the doors of an abortion clinic. As long as the baby dies behind a hygenic façade and is disposed of out of sight, we can all pretend that abortion is a ‘human right’, not murder, legal or otherwise.