BCAP proposes further liberalisation of advertisements for post-conception advice services

In May 2009 the ProLife Alliance and other pro-life organisations protested to the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) about Marie Stopes advertising on television. We launched a petition signed by 1,385 supporters, added to the 27,000 others who protested against the advertisements. A tiny 2,000 submitted in support of Marie Stopes.

In spite of the huge number who objected, BCAP has launched a new consultation dated 27.6.11 proposing to liberalise the rules for advertising post-conception services. The changes are:

– Removing the television rule preventing commercial services offering personal advice from advertising.

PLA says: This will have the effect of increasing the number of pregnancy advice services which will be allowed to advertise.

– Removing the radio rule permitting advertising only by those Family Planning Centres with local authority or NHS approval.

PLA says: As with the first change, this will open up advertising to a wider number of pro-choice organisations.

– Introducing a new rule applying to both television and radio requiring medical and health advice services to provide suitable credentials before being able to advertise.

PLA says: How likely is it that pro-life organisations will be accredited?

– Introducing a new rule to require services offering post-conception advice on pregnancy that do not directly refer women for a termination to make that fact clear in their advertisements.

PLA says: This is obviously directed at pro-life organisations who do not refer for abortion but offer serious pro-life alternatives and support to women

We urge you to submit to this consultation and register your complaints.