Forced abortion in China – your help needed

China, as the whole world knows, has an abysmal record on human rights. Many of their violations gain international condemnation. However, one does not. I am talking of course about China’s draconian One Child Policy. Even Amnesty International has been complicit as they proudly vaunt abortion as a woman’s right. Where are the rights of the unborn child? Where are the rights of the couple who want their younger children? Where are the rights of the countless baby girls who are literally thrown away with the rubbish so that their families can try to have a male child? Where are the rights of families who suffer persecution and homelessness as a result of an ‘illegal’ pregnancy?

China’s policy has the support of both UK and US government funding, via their overseas family planning policies, often euphemistically termed ‘Reproductive Health’ strategies. David Cameron recently responded to a letter from the ProLife Alliance saying that the British Government does not support China’s One Child Policy. What he neglected to add was that UK tax payers’ money is paid to Marie Stopes International who are heavily involved in the massacre and indescribable suffering.

The ProLife Alliance urges you to click on the link to this international petition and pass it on to as many people as possible, including those who are in favour of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ reminding them that the women of China have no choice.

We hope you will also pass on two videos. The first is footage from Al Jazeera focussing on an individual Chinese family’s story. The other shows how one US woman works tirelessly to bring this horror to an end. Reggie Littlejohn is an example to us all.