M Case: Judgment due tomorrow

The ProLife Alliance is waiting for the judgment on the M Case, which is due at 10 o'clock tomorrow in Court 50 at the Royal Courts of Justice. 

We tried to intervene in the case, believing that our knowledge and expertise would aid the court in its decision-making.  Unfortunately the Official Solicitor, the relevant NHS Trust and family members opposed the intervention.  

We sincerely hope that the judge will rule that the woman, known only as M, should not be killed through the removal of fluids and food, an inhumane and painful death, especially for someone who has demonstrated that she is able to understand requests. She has also demonstrated happiness at seeing certain people and has spoken. 

The ProLife Alliance believes that the right to life is a fundamental human right, regardless of a person's abilities, and should always be protected.

We will share information on the judgment when we have it and will be issuing a statement.