Response to the AOMRC Systematic Review of Induced Abortion and Women’s Mental Health

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) has today published research which they commissioned on the mental health of women following induced abortion.

A spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance comments:

Once again the politics of abortion blinds those who should be rigorously objective in assessing epidemiological evidence.  This is a pick and mix report trying to minimize the psychological effects of termination of pregnancy in a way which does our so-called medical experts little credit.  

Robust evidence, such as that of Professor Priscilla Coleman, which conflicts with pro-abortion political ideology, is dismissed.  They conclude that there are no significant different mental health outcomes in the continuation of an unplanned pregnancy or termination.  They do, however, at least accept that women with prior mental health problems are at greater risk of problems after abortion, so the idea that abortion solves those initial psychiatric problems is not tenable.  

UK Abortion Statistics in recent years indicate that the vast majority (roughly 95%) are performed for the mental health of the mothers involved.  Given that there are nearly 200,000 terminations a year this represents a massive number of women undergoing abortion for mental health reasons.  How many of these patients – if any – had their mental health assessed properly?  

Psychiatric assessment is not even required under abortion law, just the consent of two medical doctors.  How could any report on induced abortion and mental health have any real value, certainly in the United Kingdom, when we have no idea what specific mental health problems the women were suffering from?