Daily Telegraph confirms that illegal sex selection abortions take place in UK

There is understandable outrage across the country today, following an undercover media exercise, which confirms that gendercide abortions are taking place in our country.  Different scenarios were placed before abortion providers around the country, and compelling video footage shows how easily agreement was obtained to abort the baby of the undesired sex, whether boy or girl.

The ProLife Alliance has always argued that sex-selection abortions under our current lax abortion practice would not be difficult to obtain, particularly in the first trimester, but this is conclusive evidence verified by powerful video footage. 

It is well known that vast majority of abortions (some 98%) are performed under Clause C in the Abortion Act for the mental health of the women, and there is of course no duty to record the sex of the aborted babies, so it has always been impossible to identify specific cases of social sex selective abortion.   Now we have the evidence and at last the true nature of the abortion industry in the United Kingdom is being exposed.

We are very pleased that the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, is taking this issue so seriously. News has just come in that the head of the Care Quality Commission, responsible for monitoring practices in abortion clinics, has resigned. Dr Sivarama, the Manchester obstetrician in the video, claims to be the only individual healthcare provider approved by the Care Quality Commission and the Department of Health to perform medical abortions at under nine weeks.

The reality about abortion in the UK is that it is virtually on demand and much as we are horrified about the nature of sex selective abortions, we should acknowledge the fact that every abortion takes the life of a baby, whether boy or girl.  In Sweden where abortion is on demand up to 18 weeks, they had to acknowledge that they could not legally prevent abortions of this nature.  If any reason is good enough to permit abortion, why not then for the wrong sex?

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