Right to Know legislation upheld in Texas

Following on from the news which we reported last week regarding the right of women seeking an abortion to see an ultrasound scan if they wish, the pro-choice Center for Reproductive Justice appealed on the grounds that doctors are being denied their right to freedom of speech and that women’s ‘fundamental reproductive rights’ will be violated.  They requested a full court hearing.  Today the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to allow the appeal stating that none of their judges had supported it.  The judges’ unanimous decision was made on the simple basis that a woman’s rights cannot possibly be violated by offering her the right to know. 

The purpose of Right to Know legislation is to enable women to make an informed choice.  It is generally accepted medical practice for patients to be fully informed of medical procedures.  How much more important it is that women have this right when the procedures involved are completely irreversible and will cause the death of her unborn child.