What is NHS Solent doing to our teenagers behind our backs?

The Daily Mail reports that since 2009 NHS Solent has been giving young teenagers from 13 years of age Nexplanon contraceptive implants without their parents’ knowledge as part of their teenage pregnancy strategy.  
According to the product information on Nexplanon, ‘safety and efficacy have been established in women between 18 and 40 years of age’.  In other words 13 – 17 year olds are being treated as guinea pigs, and without parental consent. The product information also contains extensive detail on serious side effects.
An additional concern is that NHS Solent’s misguided policy legitimises under-age sex and causes young girls in this age group to view sex as acceptable.  STDs, already at epidemic proportions, are likely to increase as a result.  STDs affect future fertility, as does early use of hormonal contraception when the reproductive system is under-developed.
The actions of Nexplanon are to prevent ova from ripening, secondly to thicken the mucus at the entry to the uterus and thirdly to make the uterus lining inhospitable to a fertilised ovum.  This third action makes the implant an abortificient.  
A spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance says, for parents to be left completely out of the loop and unable to safeguard their children’s health as a result of these secretive pregnancy policies is appalling.  
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