Latest abortion scandal

The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s promised investigation into practices at abortion clinics has been publicised in today’s press

It is more than time for an extensive inquiry into the practice of abortion in the United Kingdom, not just focusing on private clinics subcontracted by the NHS, but equally importantly the NHS itself, given that abortions post-24 weeks can only be performed by the NHS.

Recent horrifying research revealed very significant under-reporting of such late abortions, showing sometimes double the figures as recorded in the official Department of Health Abortion Statistics, and the research included harrowing descriptions of babies who had survived the abortions and survived for some hours after, as they were left to die.  This is an aspect of abortion which demands the most transparent levels of investigation.

As does the equally horrifying practice of late abortions taking place in two different countries, starting with feticide in the United Kingdom and the final stage of evacuation occurring in the country of the foreign nationals' origin.  This is not scare-mongering, but accurate information which was revealed following a Freedom of Information inquiry from the ProLife Alliance.  It was disclosed that over a recent 4-yr period 14 Italian Nationals had availed themselves of this protocol.  Such abortions will have been initiated with feticide taking place in NHS premises. It is extremely doubtful that such practice conforms even minimally with the UK Abortion Act. 

We congratulate Andrew Lansley on this very important first step to tighten up on widespread abuse of the Abortion Act.