The psychological impact of abortion – 6 March – Westminster

Superb exposition and excellent attendance at meeting with Professors Priscilla Coleman and Patricia Casey.

The colloquium between these two experts, Dr Priscilla Coleman who is Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and Dr Patricia Casey who is Professor of Psychiatry at University College Dublin, was well attended by an audience comprised of medical academics and practitioners, together with many others involved in various aspects of crisis pregnancy and abortion, from both sides of the debate.

The attendance was much larger than expected and we apologise sincerely to those who had to stand.

We thank very sincerely the politicians who hosted the event, the Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson and Mr Stewart Jackson, and the many others who interrupted an extremely busy day in both Houses, in order to register their support, or did so by email.  We were pleased to greet in person Mrs Nadine Dorries, Mr Ian Paisley and Mr David Amess.

The ProLife Alliance extends thanks to colleagues from other pro-life groups who helped in the planning of the meeting, particularly Mrs Bernie Smyth from Precious Life NI, who brought personal good wishes from members of the DUP.  Christian Concern provided considerable practical help and advice.

A special thank you to Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, who chaired the event with his usual gracious and competent expertise.

We acknowledge with particular gratitude the continued support and gracious presence at the meeting of Baroness Masham.  

In conclusion Baroness Knight addressed those present with a very moving message of encouragement, recollecting the 45 plus years she has been in Parliament, during which time she has spoken out fearlessly against the 1967 Abortion Act and its tragic aftermath.   We will shortly publish a reflection from her but in the meantime her message to those present on Tuesday was to ‘Hold firm and never give up.’

Professor Coleman will be in the McAuley Postgraduate Centre, Mater University Hospital, Dublin on Friday 9th March 4-6pm to give a further presentation.  This event is CME/CPD accredited.   

If anybody wishes to obtain the Powerpoint presentation from the meeting please get in touch with the ProLife Alliance.  Considerable material coordinated by Prof Coleman and others can be obtained on the WeCare website.