Abortion doctors, thankfully in short supply

The front page of Monday’s Guardian (2/4/12) screamed about a ‘witch-hunt’ against abortion providers.  The newspaper fears that doctors will be put off becoming abortionists by the current increase in official inspections.

However, most will view this as a positive development.  Doctors may actually be reluctant to perform abortions because they wish to heal people, not to kill.  Is it any wonder that very few doctors will perform late abortions, at a gestational age when the babies are so recognisably human?

Abortion clinics across the country have been exposed, both by a Daily Telegraph sting and by the Care Quality Commission, as falsifying paperwork.  There is also significant under-reporting of abortions, so that it is no longer possible to even believe the figures in the official statistics.

For doctors with guilty secrets, extended scrutiny may seem like a witch-hunt.  But it is very heartening to note that other doctors are becoming increasingly reluctant to take part in abortion.  They have a legal right to conscientiously object, and thankfully more and more are doing so.