‘Wrongful birth’ case may reach European Court of Human Rights – Please join other European Colleagues in opposition

A Latvian mother is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), after losing in her various national courts, claiming that the birth of a daughter with Downs Syndrome was a ‘wrongful’ birth and that had she been provided with prenatal diagnosis she would have aborted the child. 

The French-based Jérôme Lejeune Foundation (JLF), whose founder identified the genetic basis to Downs with a view to developing a better quality of life for his treasured patients, is asking every pro-life group in Europe to join a petition in opposition to this anti-life claim.  We must ensure that any such case is soundly defeated in the ECHR.  

The ProLife Alliance believes that the conception, development and birth of every baby is to be celebrated, and that human life in the womb must never be treated as a consumer product, to be rejected if not considered good enough. 

Please, like us, support JLF in their work and sign on to the petition when it goes up on their website later this week.  

And we suggest again that you watch and circulate this link where a young boy sings for his sister who has Downs.