81 year old pro-life pensioner, Ted Atkinson, arrested for breaking the terms of his ASBO – again!

We were contacted last night by Ted, possibly the oldest person in the UK to be subject of an anti-social behaviour order, with the news that he had been arrested again for not conforming to the terms laid down in his original sentence.  ASBOs are by all accounts on the way out, but are usually issued against unruly youths who cannot conform to normal society's rules and regulations.

So what was Ted's original and latest crime?  Sending photos showing the horror of abortion to people in public healthcare.  He believes, like many of us, that if it is good enough to do abortions and use public money to fund them, then we should have the courage to look the reality of abortion squarely in the face.

We do not yet have the full details from Ted regarding his latest arrest, and he is attending hospital today for investigation into some serious health problems he has been suffering from.  But he did say that in the letter he sent to a hospital executive he enclosed the abortion pictures in a separate envelope with a warning on the outside.  We suggest that perhaps the recipient should have simply binned the envelope without opening it, if he was too sensitive to look abortion in the face.

But how come we are too sensitive to see pictures of what actually happens?  Is it not time to muster the courage to face the physical reality of what abortion does to the unborn child?  Some 200,000 abortions are performed every year in the United Kingdom, mainly paid for from the public purse.

Well done to the Mail Online, who last week showed extremely graphic pictures of the unborn children, in their story about the smuggling of aborted fetuses.  As the ProLife Alliance has said many times, if something is too terrible to look at, should it be allowed to happen?