Heroic witness against abortion from blind Chinese activist, Chen Guang Cheng

In the past two days no one can have missed the world coverage of the blind Chinese human rights activist, Chen Guang Cheng, and his attempt to find asylum within the American Embassy.  Today it is revealed that he is no longer in the Embassy, but it remains unclear whether he left of his own volition or because of political pressure.

What we have seen, however, from a US Government hugely in favour of population control, is an extremely embarrassing situation for prominent US politicians such as Hilary Clinton and even President Obama himself, whose support for abortion is no secret.    

Attorney Chen Guang Cheng had been captive in his own home after spending years in prison for his outspoken opposition to forced abortion and sterilisation in his country, but he has continued to monitor and expose to the world the brutal campaigns and victimization of thousands of Chinese citizens to further the Government's anti-life ideology.

The victimisation of Chen Guang Cheng, and his extraordinary heroism,  has placed not just the likes of Hilary Clinton in an embarrassing spotlight, but also many of our own UK journalists (even newspapers!) who are so idealistically committed to so-called abortion rights.  And Marie Stopes International?  It would be interesting to hear from them and their funders, who include the UK Government.

Even Amnesty International, fighting abuse of  human rights on the world stage , has completely glossed over the pro-life background of Chen Guang Cheng.