More of the same tragic figures as Abortion Statistics 2011 are published today

Each year when the Abortion Statistics are published the ProLife Alliance, together with all colleagues who defend the right to life of every child in the womb, continues to hope that at last we will see some signs of a turning of the abortion tide.  We look desperately for some real indication that the relentless termination of unborn life in the United Kingdom will one day come to an end.

Very sadly the Abortion Statistics for 2011 give little cause to justify our continued optimism, except thankfully in the under-16 and under-18 year old groups.  Both these age groups show lower abortion rates than last year, and this is at least something to be positive about.

In all other aspects there is no good news to note.  Overall abortion figures are up by 7.7% since 2001.  Repeat abortion numbers continue to rise (by 1% since last year) and as was noted by the press recently these include a number of women who have had 7 or more abortions.

NHS outsourcing of abortion to the private sector (BPAS, Marie Stopes et. al) continues apace and is one of the most significant changes to note over the years.   These organisations do not, however, perform abortions post-24 weeks.   That any abortions are performed this late in pregnancy is unspeakable, but some 146 did take place, including 29 post 32 weeks.   Could we please be told why such barbarism was permitted?

And as ever the vast majority of abortions (99.96%) were reported as being performed because of a risk to the woman’s mental health.   Either we have a very serious mental health problem in women of childbearing age, or abortions are simply done on demand.  Take your pick!