Tribute to Phyllis Bowman

The ProLife Alliance was represented by Josephine Quintavalle and others at the Requiem Mass on May 15th for Phyllis Canty, better known to us all as Phyllis Bowman.  Her local church, Our Lady of Lourdes, was filled to bursting point and the congregation comprised members from all the major pro-life groups, as well of course as her loving family and most beloved husband, Jerry Canty.

Proof that Phyllis was not just a political campaigner but also one of those who engaged at grass root level was underlined by the presence of a number of young mothers, complete with buggies, babies, and toddlers, adding their innocent voices to the sad occasion.  The ProLife Alliance more than once turned to Phyllis for help with crisis pregnancy problems,  whenever we were approached by anybody in her part of London.  Her response was always as immediate and generous as it was on the political front.

We extend our sympathy most especially to her husband, but also to her loyal work force at Right to Life, and will remember Phyllis with great respect and affection.