Pointless motion based on inaccurate statements at Lib-Dem conference

On Sunday 23 September the Liberal Democrats, who have consistently been pro-euthanasia, passed a  motion at their conference calling for a bill on ‘medically assisted dying’ or, to be more accurate, "killing by doctors".

They appealed to public opinion polls, using slanted questions and were influenced by emotive advertising of suicide by the media. They greatly exaggerated the numbers of those going to Zurich or unable to kill themselves. They appeared not to know of the frightening abuses from Belgium and the Netherlands, where thousands are killed without their consent. The House of Lords, which convincingly rejected earlier proposals, calculated in 2005 that with a Dutch-type law in Britain we would see over 13,000 cases of euthanasia a year.


An amendment calling for a Royal Commission to consider the subject was rejected, perhaps with memories of Lord Falconer's "commission", but the conference carried an amendment from former MP

Evan Harris calling on the government to ‘allow Parliament the opportunity to consider, as a minimum, the legalisation of those who are terminally ill to have assistance to die with dignity, subject to safeguards' such as those Lord Falconer proposes for his next attempt in the House of Lords.


Of course the Lib-Dems must know there is no chance of a government bill, and that no Private Member has proposed one, nor would time to be given to such a bill. In fact a poll of MPs just last week showed that the majority actually oppose the legalisation of assisted suicide, appreciate the dangers to vulnerable people, and believe that it is not a priority to debate at this time.


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