Do you believe that life begins at conception? Then vote in support of the human embryo!

The One of Us campaign asks the European Parliament to provide protection for the human embryo at the very start of life, particularly against research where the embryo is created and then destroyed in the process of experimentation.

Thank you very much to the 4,332 of you who have signed the One of Us petition so far.  But come on folks!  The EU One of Us campaign is underway and we Brits are being challenged to produce 54,000 signatures.  Our 4,332 signatures equate to 7.91% of the 54,000.  This needs to be changed dramatically. The petition needs to be circulated far and wide.  

Currently Poland is in the lead with 47,693 signatures, which is 124.69% of their original quota of 38,250. We want to be in a position to make a similar boast.

Please circulate this link as widely as possible.