One of Us campaign – how are we doing?

The importance of protecting the human embryo is clear.  We must reverse the scientific trend which treats early human life as disposable experimental tissue with no real value. 

Well done to those who have signed the One of Us petition so far.  The UK now has 4,624 signatures on the One of Us petition. Since last week, we gained nearly 300 more, an increase on the week before. 

However this is not enough.  To achieve our target number of 54,750 signatures by 1st November, we need 8,354 new signatures per month.  Please can we ask you to redouble your efforts to promote the petition as widely as possible.  Even if you have already signed, remind your friends and interested organisations.

Below are instructions on how to sign the petition:

1) Go to the One of Us website

2) Click on 'sign'

3) Click on 'support'

4) Select country from drop-down menu (e.g. United Kingdom) and the petition form will appear below the menu

5) Fill in the form and tick the two boxes below it

6) Enter the characters you see in the picture

7) Click on 'submit'

We realise that it is a cumbersome form, but unfortunately this is beyond our control.  If it is too difficult, we suggest you ask a friend to help.