Have YOU signed the “One of Us” petition? If not, why not?

For those of you who are Catholics, Pope Francis gave a speech to promote the petition at the Rome “March for Life” on 12th May.  Below is his speech.

‘I greet the participants in the “March for Life” which took place in Rome this Sunday morning and invite you to keep the attention of everyone on the important issue of respect for human life from the moment of conception.  In this regard, I am pleased to recall the signature-collection drive currently underway in many Italian parishes, in order to support the European “One of Us” initiative to ensure legal protection to the embryo, protecting every human being from the first moment of existence.’

It is not necessary to be a Catholic, or even a Christian, to see the importance of protecting human life.  This is fundamentally an issue of treating human life with respect and dignity.  Treating embryos as disposable research material shows a total disregard for their humanity.

The One of Us petition aims to prevent any funding of activities which result in the destruction of human embryos, particularly focusing on areas of research, development aid and public health across the European Union. 

To sign this petition please go to the One of Us website.  To sign you must be over 18 years old and an EU citizen.  It takes two minutes and is very simple.  However, in case of any problems please contact us and we will help.