On anniversary of legalisation, reminder of abortion’s tragic hidden toll

On the 48th anniversary of the passage of the Abortion Act, the ProLife Alliance has been reminded of the worrying lack of awareness of abortion and of its consequences. A health care worker in his 50s called the Alliance to ask if pictures which he had seen of aborted babies were true representations, or if they had been edited to make abortion seem worse. We were sad to have to confirm that the gruesome images truly represented the horrific results of abortion. Our enquirer worked in the healthcare sector yet did not know about what was probably happening in the hospital where he worked.

Official statistics suggest that at least 8,782,216 babies have been killed through abortion since the 1967 act went into force in England, Wales and Scotland. We do not round such numbers up or down, because that 8,782,216th child matters as much as the first one to be legally aborted in Britain. Thousands more will have been killed since the statistics were published; more than 500 in Britain today.

Also in today’s news is the announcement that the National Health Service could start to provide a blood test to detect Down’s syndrome in the unborn. In many cases, detection of Down’s can lead to abortion. Modern society purports to value the contribution of all human beings and to protect the weak, yet Britain and many other countries seek out and destroy the disabled before they are even born.