Response to 10 Minute Abortion Bill

Women Deserve better than Abortion  …

And borrowing further from the slogan of the great American Organisation, Feminists for Life, so too do their defenceless babies.

With some 550 abortions taking place already every day in the United Kingdom, it is difficult at first sight to see how the pro-abortion 10 Minute Bill, approved in Westminster at its first reading on March 13th, could make any great difference to the practice in our country. How could anybody believe that there are currently any real obstacles in place to halt or even slow down the relentless provision of abortion, especially in the first two trimesters?

Since the 1967 Abortion Act was passed the number of abortions recorded in the UK (well over 8 million) now surpasses the total population of London. Millions of children have lost their lives to abortion. Millions of women have lost their children.

However limited it may be, the existing Abortion Act is at least a symbolic statement of society’s wish to offer some protection for the unborn child and mark in some way the seriousness of taking his or her life. We must, therefore, continue to vigorously oppose Diane Johnson’s proposal as it moves to further Parliamentary airing.

And most importantly, we must step up our nationwide support for women facing crisis pregnancy, to ensure that right from the first they reach pro-life sources of help.