about us

The ProLife Alliance was born out of a growing conviction among large numbers of young voters, pro-life groups around the country and many other concerned citizens that many current policies are deeply harmful, not only to the individuals concerned, but to the common good of society.

We were founded as a political party with one of our primary aims being to place the abortion issue back on the political agenda. For too long it had been perceived as non-political, or, at least, non-party political, and the ProLife Alliance set out to challenge the cosy consensus that had developed in Parliament around the issue. To that end, we fielded candidates in local, regional, national and European elections. Through our various initiatives, the most highly publicised being the cleft palate legal challenge, abortion is now very much back on the political agenda. Our primary objective in establishing a political party has been achieved. Consequently we believe that we can continue to further aims more effectively through education and campaigning.

We focus on four principal issues: