Please join the ProLife Alliance’s Lottery. Take a gamble in a very good cause!

Unlike the National Lottery you will know exactly where your money is going – and what better cause could there be?

For £4 a month you will be allocated a number. Numbers are drawn once a month. 50% of the proceeds is donated to the ProLife Alliance and the remainder is issued as cash prizes.

One supporter commented:

"There is a double pleasure in playing the Pro Life Alliance lottery, the major one of contributing to a good cause where every penny is well-used, and the minor one of an occasional win of just the right amount of money to allow a small extravagance (in my case the buying of second-hand books, an addiction I try to control). Of course if any of you win millions in any way, we hope you will donate generously, but unless and until, I recommend a small flutter here."

If you'd like to support us by joining the lottery, please contact us below and we'll send you a membership form:

ProLife Alliance
PO Box 13395

Tel: 020 7581 6939

Or use the contact form below: